My name is Heaven and I am the owner of Events by Heaven.

Growing up being a wedding planner was always one of my dreams. In fact, JLo’s movie “The Wedding Planner” was one of my all time favorite movies (mostly due to the wedding planning, partially due to Matthew McConaughey).

I have always been the friend that plans events, vacations and parties (obviously an enneagram type 6). In 2017-2018 my (now) husband and I owned our own wedding videography company and I fell in LOVE with being a part of making someone’s special day happen. I often found myself in the role of coordinator in order to make sure everything ran smoothly and I quickly fell more in love with the planning that went along with making a couple’s wedding dream a reality. After making the move from Indiana to Florida and planning my own wedding in 2020, I reignited my love for all things wedding related and wanted to use my passion and skills to help others plan their best day ever!

My goal with Events by Heaven is to alleviate the stress of wedding planning so you can enjoy your engagement season and have peace of mind knowing that your wedding will be the most special and memorable day. We are here to walk alongside you during this exciting time, and to take your wedding dream and make it a reality! Let’s do this!