Loaner Program

Loaner Program

Picture this: you’re looking at one of our amazing designers and find a dress you would love to try on. You call and find out it isn’t in-store and you can’t wait for the next trunk show to try it on. That is where our loaner program comes in!

We’ll contact the designer to see if the dress you are inquiring about is a part of their loaner program! While we cannot guarantee what size or color they may have to loan, most dresses are available in at least two sizes that work for almost every bride!

Our loaner program does have a $150 non-refundable fee that covers the shipping to and from the designer! That $150 is then credited to a new dress purchase. Plot twist: it doesn’t have to be one of the loaner dresses, it can be applied to any new wedding dress from our shop!

This works so well for several reasons. First is the obvious: when you see something online on a model and fall in love! You can’t wait to try it on and you search everywhere for it with no luck. We’ll bring it in for you to see for yourself if it looks as amazing in person as it did online. And then the real test: does it look and feel amazing on you?

It also allows you to see a dress in person rather than buying it sight unseen without a way to return it. Special order dresses are not able to be canceled or returned, so getting a dress on loan is a perfect solution!

Another reason brides love our loaner gown program is because there is no pressure to purchase. We want you to be 100% obsessed and in love with the dress you choose, and a high-pressure situation never allows for that. A bride knows her dress when it’s on!

If you decide to purchase, you are not buying that dress that has been loaned out. The loaner dress gets returned to the designer and we’ll order you a brand-new dress in your size and color choice.

Give us a call today to order your loaner gown! 

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